Universal influenza vaccine
Cross-reactive to multiple subtypes
  • PulmonoVac® is a platform vaccine technology in which a viral target antigen is combined with Nexavant and delivered to the lung for the induction of lung-resident memory CD4+ T-cells for a broad spectrum of cross-reactive protection. The principal has been proven against influenza, which is notorious for its frequent mutations. PulmonoVac establishes a scientific basis for upgrading to a broad-spectrum viral vaccine by simply mixing Nexavant with corresponding antigens and changing the route of administration. PulmonoVac also can induce the same lung T–cell response by boosting shots for the conventional intramuscular vaccinees.  
PulmonoVac-Flu for a global pandemic preparation
  •   Universal flu vaccine, including H5N1
  •   Ready for scale-up production
  •   Free of cold chain
  •   Fixed antigen without annual antigen change
  •   Booster vaccine for the commercial intramuscular vaccine
  •   No seasonal vaccination is required
  •   Cost-effective
  •   Devices in the market